Patient alive, breathing, moving spontaneously…for now. Vitals look…bad; he’s lost too much blood. Push everything. Pull every bell and whistle. He may be a horrible bloody mess, but if I have anything to say about it, he’s getting out of here…

This shows cooling units being placed on a patient post cardiac-arrest in order to induce hypothermia and hopefully improve outcomes. Retrieved from

A LUCAS device attached to a cardiac arrest victim. The plunger of the device is placed on the lower end of the sternum where the hands would normally compress the chest, and the machine oscillates at a programmed rate, depth, and recoil. Retrieved from

  1. Assess the victim for responsiveness
  2. Call for help around you
  3. Call 9–1–1
  4. Perform chest compressions

Kevin Bennett

Resuscitation enthusiast

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